Features Starter
Admin Panel
Category 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Categories 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Products 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Product Images 2 Multiple Multiple
Add Brand with Logos
Order Management Normal Standard Standard
Delivery and Courier Management
Coupon Code Generation (% & Price) Categorywise Productwise
Deal Management
Customer Management Only customer list
Advertisement Management
Home Page Banner Management
GST Calculation
Invoice Print
Reports Normal Standard Standard
Number of Web Pages 4 7 Multiple
Responsive Design
Logo Design Upto 2 Options Upto 4 Options Multiple Options
Banner Design Upto 2 Options Upto 4 Options Upto 10 Options
Blog Page
News Page
Language Single 2 Languages Multiple
Currency Option Single Multiple Multiple
Shopping Cart
Display Similar Products
Multiple Sorting/Filtration Options
Customer Login / Registration
Product Wish-list
Shipping Calculator
Payment Mode (Online ,COD) COD Online, COD Online, COD
Purchase Order Details with invoice
Annual Maintenance Cost 7500 12000 20% of Project cost
Extra Features
Deals Page
SEO Optimized Website (On Page)
Social Media Feed
Wallet Creation
Hosting 5 GB 10 GB Customized
Free Accounting Software
Domain Registration
SMS Gateway Implimentation
Email Gateway Implimentation
Payment Gateway Implimentation