Transport Management

A Transportation Management System is a logistics platform that allows users to manage and optimize the daily operation of transport vehicles. Operations managers or employers are constantly looking for ways to reduce headaches and increase their efficiency. The same applies to the transportation industry. Employers are looking for ways to increase profits without affecting the quality of service. Transportation Management System (TMS) enables you to achieve the expected benefits without affecting the quality and efficiency of the service. The software automatically updates the information pool on task schedules, orders, shipping etc.

Multiple User Roles Such As Admin, Branch, Manager And Accounts.

Transport Management Has Multiple Branch Managers

Transport Management Branch Has Multiple Accounts Managers

Transport Management Branch Has Multiple Managements Managers

Customer Registration.

Customer Outstanding

Customer Enquiry

Customer Quotation

Supplier Registration.

Supplier Outstanding

Lorry Hire Challan

Create Lorry Hire

Lorry Receipt Creation

Multiple Or Single Lorry Receipt Invoice Creation

LR Creation.

LR Tracking

Today LR

Total LR

Child LR Creation

Invoice Creation.

LR Invoice Creation

On Account Payment Entry

On Account Reciept Entry

Invoice Reciept Entry

Other Payments Reciept Entry

Lorry Hire Challan Payment Entry

LR To MR Report

Consignment Status

Invoice Status

Lorry Hire Challan Status

Trip Creation

Multiple Trip Creation For Daily

Daily Trip Invoice Creation

Lorry Hire Challan Status

Daily Cashback Entry

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